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The Millennium gift cards

Give the perfect gift to please your loved ones, customers and colleagues with the Millennium gift card.

For every occasion

Millennium Gift Cards: The Elegance of Choice

Offer the freedom to enjoy a variety of high-quality products and services with ease. Valid at most of our points of sale, our gift cards give you the opportunity to discover Millennium to your heart's content.

With top-quality services and a selection of exceptional products, a Millennium gift card is the promise of a unique experience combining comfort, elegance and excellence.


How do I use my gift card?

The gift card is used just like any other means of payment. Simply use it to make your purchase at Millennium points of sale.


At which points of sale is the gift card valid?

The Millennium gift card can be used in the following outlets: Brasserie, Cave, Epicerie, Verrière, Café, Club, Librairie, Car wash.


Does the gift card have to be used all at once?

The gift card does not have to be used all at once. If the amount of your purchase is less than the total amount on your card, it is simply deducted from the total and you can use the balance for other purchases.


How much can I load onto my gift card?

You are free to choose the amount to be credited to the gift card. Once credited, the amount cannot be withdrawn in cash.


How long is the gift card valid?

The gift card is valid for 1 year (365 days) from the date of issue.


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