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At lunchtime in the warm and bright atmosphere of La Verrière, our Chef invites you to discover our complete dining offering for a gourmet break. Each week, explore our new menu featuring tasty dishes, providing a diverse and high-quality taste experience. Share a moment of conviviality with colleagues or friends and savor one of our daily dishes and desserts.

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For every taste

Grand buffet

Every lunchtime, La Verrière offers its extensive hot and cold buffet composed of fresh and quality products. Let your current cravings guide you and choose your meal from a selection of dishes prepared on the spot with care by our Chefs. You will be delighted with the wide variety of fresh salads and seasonal vegetables. A selection of delicately prepared individual pastries, fresh fruit salads, homemade tarts, and other seasonal gourmet delights will delight dessert enthusiasts.


Varied and well-balanced

Choice of prepared dishes

The daily menu offers a wide range of dishes prepared on the spot to satisfy all cravings. Balanced dishes are inspired by various culinary traditions, ranging from grilled items to vegetarian delights. Let yourself be guided through our selection.


Trattoria: dishes inspired by popular Italian cuisine

Tradition: dishes inspired by classic traditional cuisine

Equilibre: balanced, healthy, and gourmet dishes

Vegetarian: 100% meat-free dishes

Grill: a selection of premium grilled meats and fish prepared on the spot


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Throughout the seasons 

Cold buffet

Discover our assortment of cold dishes, featuring varied and colorful salads, carefully selected seasonal vegetables, attractive verrines and terrines, and antipasti that add a Mediterranean touch to your meal. Each season brings new flavors and culinary discoveries.


A Pleasant setting


La Verrière offers a welcoming and warm setting where natural light generously bathes the space thanks to its large volumes and glass windows that open onto a beautiful terrace in the summer. Whether you want to share a meal with colleagues or friends, La Verrière is the perfect place to relax and savor delicious dishes.

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