Grilled meats and skewers, the season is open!

26 May 2023

Make the most of the beautiful days by organizing a barbecue with family or friends! At L’Épicerie, our selection of summer dishes is ready to delight you.

Indulge yourself with our veal, lamb, beef, and chicken skewers, as well as our sausages with flavors as varied as they are surprising – beet/lavender, mint/basil, galangal, curry – catering to all tastes. Flavored with marinades, accompanied by sauces, spices, grilled vegetables, and homemade summer salads, our grilled dishes prepared by our Chefs will delight your taste buds!

To accompany our grilled meats, L’Épicerie has selected several wines with fruity flavors, synonymous with sunshine and relaxation. Discover the Provençal rosés from Château Crémade, Domaine Éole, or the Rosé Millennium, as well as crisp whites and light reds that will pair perfectly with our skewers and sausages.

We also offer refreshing summer cocktail ideas for a journey of flavors: the Tahitiki with exotic aromas, the Italicus with notes of bergamot and citron, the Rinquinquin with peach aromas, and the Giselle made with quince, ginger, and lime.

L’Épicerie has everything you need to make your barbecues, including utensils, table sets, and the famous Spritz glasses!

Feel free to place your orders directly for grilled meats and salads at L’Épicerie on Thursdays for your weekend barbecue!

L’Épicerie Fine welcomes you from Monday to Friday from 11:30 AM to 7:30 PM or by phone at +41.58.400.36.14.