Cercles de vie exhibition

24 February 2023

Millennium Art Gallery is hosting the Cercles de vie exhibition by Alexia Weill until March 24th.

As a committed woman, Alexia Weill is a Franco-Swiss contemporary artist. Her work explores the geometric form of the circle, a symbol of perfection and harmony in many ancestral cultures. She shapes it in the image of mandalas in different materials such as stone, wood, bronze, and resin, imprinting her energy through her imagination that is renewed with each creation.

For the first time, Alexia presents a collection of carved and colored wooden circles in which she has engraved her emotions and sensations through various forms: lines, curves, and hollows. Each stroke is the expression of a conscious gesture, imprinted in the material like a mantra ready to deliver its message. The colors are also the expression of vibrations that we can capture the emotion and will take us on a journey into the universe of its creator.

The art gallery welcomes you from Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm.